I love JONONE. His work may look nice like all fairy flying but the dude is RAW.
Listen and learn.

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Hot off the press

A great ¬†community project that i was asked to help out with during the summer holiday’s.

Thanks to Paul and the staff at Llay resource centre and the young people that helped complete the piece.


WE RECYCLE!! Hell yeah!

At long last,photo’s from the epic WE RECYCLE mural at Newton Primary school.

Huge thank you to Mrs Leigh for asking me to do the project and HUGE thank you to all of the super cool pupil’s that took part - you all did a brilliant job!

I think our idea of cool graffiti and a nice out door scene worked well…

i love the hand print’s for leave’s idea….Mrs Leigh’s idea NOT mine.


A great exhibition put together by a true legend of U.K. Hip Hop - DJ FINGERS. The idea was to document the history of U.K. Hip Hop from day one to the the present…i think he did an amazing job.

It’s only a short vid but so much knowledge and passion from all involved…go check it out.



Sadly passed away today.

I never knew him personally but i have grown up seeing his piece’s and hearing legendary tale’s. A huge figure in U.K. writing from the earliest day’s.


Knowledge is king!

A great book by U.K.legend - D.J. Fingers.

Support your own and buy a copy!


I LOVE BEAT’S! Music fire’s everything up for me.

The root’s of it all - THE D.J.!!

Happy birthday!!

Yo! Sam,

Happy birthday XXX

I know,i know - it’s tough being 9 ;)