Knowledge is king!

A great book by U.K.legend - D.J. Fingers.

Support your own and buy a copy!

I LOVE BEAT’S! Music fire’s everything up for me.

The root’s of it all - THE D.J.!!

Happy birthday!!

Yo! Sam,

Happy birthday XXX

I know,i know - it’s tough being 9 ;)


Happy 15th birthday Bridge Foyer

I was invited to paint at the birthday celebration’s on Friday at Bridge Foyer.

Here’s a link from a local paper about  the celebration’s and all of the great work they do.

I did a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY painting with various resident’s and invited guest’s….i’m hoping that Adam will be sending me photo’s any day now ;) 

Thanks to Lauren and Adam for getting me involved and for the epic buffet ;)

Graffiti Dave graffiti art residential

OK OK. It wasnt just about my graff workshop but it’s a great headline right? ;)

It was a residential at Petty Pool in Cheshire with Y.V.O.W - a youth group from Warrington. Much fun was to be had,climbing wall’s,leap of faith climbing challenge’s etc.

Here’s a a flic of some of the work produced and a link to Petty Pool centre.

Huge thank’s to Paul and Golden Gates housing trust for organising the trip and for taking me along.

The funk

You cant fake the funk.

You can try….but you can smell the fake funk from a mile away ;)image

Like KRS  say’s - You better change what come’s out your speaker,you better off taking bout ya wak puma sneaker

Workin on a Sunday? You bet!

I’d work 8 day’s a week …

if there were 8 day’s in the week.

Early morning workshop fun from the infamous BONEYARD skatepark.

I always do my best to accommodate all age’s and that’s just what we did;)

Load’s of fun for old and young alike  - job’s a good ‘un!

Huge thanks to Rob for arranging it and helping out with the record painting.

As the saying goes at the Boneyard - BONE LIFE YO! ;) 


THIS really is a gem.If you never heard this before then you’re in for a treat….

Old mix tape from Kid Capri, 52 old skool hip hop beats.


Frankfurt,May 1994 - What a jam!


Huge thank you to Helge ‘Bomber’ Steimann and Cutmaster G.B. for the invite.